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Ryan Giggs 1991 – ?

November 18, 2009

Written by: Adam Carpenter

Giggs has played over 800 games and scored over 150 goals

Ryan Giggs was born in Cardiff, Wales on November 29th 1973. When he was only six years old, his father decided to move to Manchester from Cardiff, to help prolong his rugby career, so the whole family decided to follow suit and join him up north. Giggs was spotted playing for a local team up in Manchester by a man city scout, and he was soon signed up to the Manchester City School of excellence. Giggs was then playing for his local team, Salford boys, and this was where he was going to be spotted by Manchester United. Bizarrely, Giggs was first spotted by a local Manchester newsagent and old Trafford steward. This man (Harold Wood) had recommended the Man United scouts, to go and watch Giggs play. But no-one was sent down by the manager. But not until Wood, personally spoke to Alex Ferguson, was a scout sent down to watch Giggs play. Ferguson was told if he didn’t sign him then it will be a massive regret. The United scout was more than impressed by what he saw of Ryan and United decided to give him a trial over Christmas time of 1986. But even before this trial period began, Giggs was playing for Salford Boys against a United under 15’s team. Alex Ferguson watched this match from his office window and Giggs showed some real class in this match by grabbing a hat trick. The following November, only Ryan’s 14th birthday, Ferguson went to Ryan’s house and offered him a two year schoolboy forms, YTS forms were also waved in his direction which gave Giggs the chance to turn professional after three years. There was no looking back from that moment. Giggs then moved into a possible career with United and also plied his trade for England schoolboys. Then when the England under 21’s team started howling for Giggs’ name, they had to check to see if he was eligible to play for England, but it turned out to be that he had no grandparents that were English so he had to play for Wales.

Moving on, and Ryan’s league for Manchester United came against Everton at Old Trafford, on 2nd of March 1991, which proved to be the first of many appearances in a United jersey. He did not look back from his debut and within the following campaign, 1991/1992 season, he was a regular amongst the Manchester United first team at only 18 years of age. But the real reason why I am sat here at gone 11pm writing is i have heard many questions about Giggs over the last few years. One of them being could it really be possible that Giggs could be the first man to be knight hooded before he retires from football? I think it is certainly possible and who know Giggsy might still have a few more season left in him. It would just show the enormity of the man if Sir Alex were to be naming a Sir Ryan Giggs on the team sheet. It is inevitable that if Ryan is not knighted by the time he retires it will be very soon after he does. But if he could manage to do it, it would be an absolutely remarkable achievement.  I must also talk about his simply stunning goal in the F.A Cup Semi final against Arsenal in 1999. One of the most breathtaking goal goals I will ever see and many others will witness I am sure. To beat many arsenal defenders is something special, but to then from the angle he shot from to still beat Seaman was class.

Another point about Giggs is how someone could be right at the top of the game for so long, 20+ years, and still deliver? This is one of the things I admire most about Ryan, his hunger for the game, loyalty to the club, and look at his honour list which speaks for itself, 11 premier league titles, 2 champions’ leagues, 4 FA Cups and many other trophies. He is the only ever player to score in every premier league season to date, another astonishing achievement, and for someone to win the PFA 2009 Premier league player of the year at 35 years of age in the best, fastest, toughest, most physically demanding league in the world, shows he still has the class at this age. It is remarkable to see how much he has evolved over the years to suit himself. From the boy with blistering pace, freighting crossing on the touchline, deadly set pieces, and that eye for goal, to the man who has the cunning pass (ask Michael Owen) and everything is evaluated in his brain nowadays but still is working to maximum effect. He proved why he is still so good in the derby on Sunday and it is foolish to disagree with Fergie to still play him. Finally, who is the United’s greatest player of all time? It will be a never ending debate, as there have been so many legends to bless this club and it I believe it is too hard to just give such and accolade to one person, but in terms of football playing for this club, Giggs is probably the man for me. But Ryan is not just a Manchester United legend but a Sporting legend.

moving on and lastly you might think whilst reading this well I have known all this about giggsy for years, and yes it has been pointed out many times before, but I would like to point it out again, as I am getting afraid now that I know Giggs’ days are numbered playing now, and I want to cherish every game he plays as it is his last. From how the game has evolved in the last decade or so, he is the definition of a dying breed, the very last of a dying breed, and I love players like Giggs and don’t want him to finish. I have so much respect and time for him, this is a little tribute from me anyway.

Long Live Ryan Giggs.

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  1. Pepe permalink
    November 20, 2009 1:52 pm


    This is definitely not child’s play when one looks at the amount of time you must have devoted in preparing these profiles and getting this website running. I also read that Mr.Carpy is helping you.

    I haven’t had time to read all of the profiles. But I’ll certainly do so and leave my comments.

    Abundance of interesting facts that will definitely enlighten those who are not well accustomed to the real Manchester United legends.

    Great job!


  2. November 20, 2009 8:46 pm

    Pepe thank you very much from the both of us we will be updating the site as often as we can, I know we both like doing this site as writing about Manchester United is a passion of both of us

  3. adam (carpy) permalink
    November 20, 2009 11:34 pm

    yes i repeat robi’s words, thanks alot pepe, i am glad you will take your time to read these posts we appreciate it. it is a good passion too i believe lads.

  4. November 22, 2009 9:32 am

    They are all good buddy. You have spent a lot of time and effort into them, well done. Just waiting for a King Cantona one now (hint,hint).

  5. December 7, 2009 9:07 pm

    Ryan Giggs the best ever.

    and thumbs up to Robi Prosser, for yet another great job

  6. WR10 permalink
    December 13, 2009 6:25 pm

    Robi & Carpy, you are doing a fantastic job, brilliant!!
    I love your all legends’ blogs, every single of them!

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